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To add convenience, DIGIEXPERT’s team encourages and helps our clients host their websites with the same company we’ve trusted for many years.

DIGIEXPERT acts as an intermediary to install and register on your behalf your website with Siteground Hosting Ltd. located in Illinois, USA. Siteground provision to use CDN which helps us deliver local AU files for performance.

DIGIEXPERT does not assume any responsibility for any technical, security bridges or operational issues that may arise from third-party provider services, including those of Siteground Hosting Ltd. located in Illinois, USA.

We create, on your behalf, We cannot provide you with the login details to the hosting as we have all of our client hosted under single account.

As a precaution, we will set automatic backups in the cloud and schedule all the necessary software updates regularly if such a service is part of a Website Maintenance Agreement with DIGIEXPERT

We encourage you to review any Policy/Terms concerning the hosting services that Siteground Hosting Ltd. offers to you by clicking on the following link. https://www.siteground.com/terms.htm